About Us

The Knowledge Hub

Greener Transport Solutions is dedicated to the decarbonisation of transport. 

Transport is the biggest polluting sector of the UK economy and the fastest growing source of global greenhouse gas emissions.  The growing urgency of the climate crisis, and its disproportionate impact on the poorest in society, requires us to develop solutions to decarbonise rapidly and at scale.

Our Mission

We aim to transform our communities into cleaner, greener, less congested and more prosperous places to live and work, where the greener choice is the affordable and desirable choice for everyone.

Through the Transport Knowledge Hub we work with politicians, central and local government, Sub-national Transport Bodies, Combined Authorities, Local Enterprise Partnerships, and the wider transport community to encourage policies and measures that will accelerate a fair and just transition to net zero.

Our Work

The current focus of our work is on a thought leadership programme aimed at developing a credible and deliverable framework for achieving net zero whilst mitigating any negative social impacts.  We aim to build support for some of the politically challenging solutions needed if we are to deliver on our carbon reduction targets,

Our People

Greener Transport Solutions was set up by Claire Haigh, formerly CEO of sustainable transport group Greener Journeys.  Greener Transport Solutions’ work is overseen by the Greener Transport Council of leading academics and experts.

Greener Transport Solutions is a not-for-profit organisation.  We are very grateful to the Foundation for Integrated Transport for providing grant funding to support our work.