Greener Transport Solutions assembles thought leadership and insight on how to decarbonise the sector.  We regularly post news and blogs and we run national workshops and regional events to encourage best practice.

Not the journey but the destination: how our whole economy needs to change

Published on: 8th September 2021 by Claire Haigh.

This was the first event in our series on Rising to the Challenge: What will it take to decarbonise transport? which took place on Monday 6 September. Delegates heard from: Professor Peter Jones OBE, Professor of Transport and Sustainable Development, UCL Claire Haigh, Chief Executive, Greener Transport Solutions The Rt Hon Lord Deben, Chair, Committee…

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It’s time to put a price on carbon

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 8th September 2021 by Stephen Glaister CBE FICE FCGI.

In the first of the Rising to the Challenge webinars I listened to my esteemed colleagues in the transport planning and policy professions discuss how best the nation might respond to the government’s Decarbonising Transport[1].  It was a good discussion but I could not help wondering if we are trapping ourselves into making it all…

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It’s the (economy) everything, stupid

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 7th September 2021 by Paul Campion.

It’s the economy everything, stupid How much transport is in your sandwich? All transport planners are taught on the first day of transport planning school that ‘transport is a derived demand’ and the public debate is beginning to recognise that our personal travel patterns are, to a large extent, designed into our built environments: famously…

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Jet zero: pie in the sky?

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 2nd September 2021 by Inga Aryanova.

Can we really decarbonise aviation by 2050? The Government’s Jet Zero consultation thinks not, but we should be able to offset the residual emissions. Aviation is one of the hardest sectors to decarbonise: the expected lifetime of aircraft is over 25 years, new aircraft designs take around 10 years and the potential range of low…

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Decarbonising transport outside cities: it is possible, let’s get on with it

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 31st August 2021 by Stephen Joseph.

Any discussion about transport and decarbonisation provokes a common response: that while it might be possible to decarbonise transport in cities, outside these there is no alternative to cars for any of the journeys people make and that any attempts to reduce car use outside cities are unrealistic and doomed to failure. This is not…

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Transport decarbonisation and the role of land-use planning

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 26th August 2021 by Victoria Hills MRTPI FICE.

The transport sector is the most significant contributor towards the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. However, while other sectors such as energy generation have drastically reduced their emissions over the last 30 years, the transport sector has made little progress towards decarbonisation. So what more needs to be done? Significant behavioural shift The RTPI believes that…

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Is this Government serious about Decarbonising Transport?

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 19th August 2021 by Dr Steve Melia.

Is this government serious about decarbonising transport, or is their Decarbonisation Plan just political hype? I was reflecting on that as I prepared to give evidence to the planning inquiry into North Somerset Council’s refusal to allow Bristol Airport to expand.  Ironically, their attempts to fudge the issues around aviation may have inadvertently strengthened the…

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Transport decarbonisation cannot be left to the transport sector

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 17th August 2021 by Professor Peter Jones, OBE.

Pressure is rightly placed on the transport sector to eliminate the large volumes of carbon dioxide it emits annually, from vehicle emissions, carbon released during vehicle construction and that embedded in the supporting infrastructure. We recognise, on the supply side, that meeting this zero-carbon challenge requires close collaboration with a wide range of industrial partners…

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Dancing with tears in my eyes

Greener Transport Solutions logo Published on: 12th August 2021 by Glenn Lyons.

This article is about the IPCC’s new report on climate change, the UK’s Transport Decarbonisation Plan and Ultravox. Anxiety and the state of science In the arms of my wife and with my six year-old son down the hallway, I eventually slipped into sleep on Sunday 8 August 2021 wrestling with climate anxiety as I…

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