Claire Haigh’s Monthly Column

Claire Haigh, Founder & CEO of Greener Transport Solutions, writes a monthly column for Passenger Transport magazine.

You can read in this report recent issues, including:

5TH March 2021: Have we heard the Covid wake-up call? Our attention is focused on the pandemic, but the actions we take now will shape our response to the biggest threat we face.

27th November 2020: Electric Vehicles won’t be enough. Simply swapping petrol and diesel cars for electric ones won’t hit our decarbonisation targets. Mode shift has a crucial role to play.

30th October 2020: COP26 is a chance to bring UK together. Next year’s global COP-26 climate summit in Glasgow is a change to unite the four nations of the UK and show leadership.

2nd October 2020: We need a green recovery from Covid. The pandemic may have distracted attention from the climate crisis, but that overwhelming threat has far from diminished